The neglect of Cristina Pedroche with a mini skirt on the day of his debut in the tele

May 09, 2020
(13:04 CET)

Cristina Pedroche it operates as no-one in front of the cameras today. Despite the fact that the programs that have been presented in solo have been a real failure as a You yes yes or From within…, among others, yes it is true that as a partner, we plated!

The communicator, before the crisis by the coronavirus, gathered thousands of spectators almost daily in their appearances on the program presented Dani Mateo in The Sixth, Zapeando.

Cristina Pedroche

In social networks, it is also one of the influencers most requested. Your snapshots of the most suggestive bring to many followers like crazy, which never cease to commend in your profile Instagram.

It also has many haters that don’t like to be a declared feminist to gain a part of the salary teaching more of the account, but that is another story.

But there was one occasion in which the little experience in the world of television made him a bad pass Cristina Pedroche. The madrid starred in one of the moments mentioned in the program I know what you did…, presented Patricia Conde.

The neglect of Cristina Pedroche

Cris at that time did not have many boards in the TV. It was in the days of his debut on the small screen. And no one warned that if I wore a miniskirt should be careful at the time to get up.. So it was like a moment of the programme he saw more of what you would like. Below you can see the video of one of the most committed of Cristina on the small screen.

A video that either escapes to the comments of the followers of the wife of David Muñoz: “It teaches you everything!”, point on a document in the title already warns that “Cristina Pedroche it lets you see the underwear.” Don’t miss out.