The photo of Eva Gonzalez unleashes no end of insults, threats and worse


May 09, 2020
(19:27 CET)

Eva González it has been widely criticized in social networks after sharing a post on Instagram of her husband Cayetano Rivera in the that promotes bullfighting in solidarity.

This is what he has shared: “to Help between all to the food Banks. I leave the link in my bio. I put at your disposal the possibility of participating in the sweepstakes of a TENTADERO with me along with 3 other people that you choose. Purchase your ticket solidarity for€ 20. The more tickets you have more chances of winning”.

A publication that could not have gone worse to the presenter.

Criticism of all kinds

The comments have not been able to go to worse in a publication that was already controversial in the feed of Cayetano Rivera and it seems that the presenter has been even worse.

We have been able to read things like “How bullfighting solidarity? Nothing can be in solidarity at the expense of torturing living beings, that p*** shame really” or, “it Is horrible”.

And on top of this

For if it lacked little, Eva González and Cayerano Rivera have been criticized for leaving the two with the child when you can only come out one of the two parents. Something that has earned him another public ridicule.

What is certain is that the couple is not very successful so far in quarantine and are doing things that are very controversial.