The ravaged queen Letizia (and is Paul’s Churches) that goes from mouth to mouth in United we Can


May 09, 2020
(13:57 CET)

“Are charming”. These were the words of Pablo Iglesias on the kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Letiziain 2018.

Some statements do not agree with what has been said of the monarchy and of the former of Spanish Television from the party of United We Can. Many remember some of the expletives that since the party has been sent to the Royal House in the last few years. “Felipe you will not be Kingthat come our cuts will be with a guillotine” or “Felipe you will not be King and all the bourbons to the sharks”, had expressed Montero in public events of the past.

The minister of Equality, Irene Montero, intervenes in the control session the Government in the Senate, march 3, 2020 | EFE/IN

Change of attitude

However, this animosity has changed. At least door to outside. With the new Government coalition Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias, Letizia it works now in the fields of Culture and Cooperation or Social Affairs and Equalityand face the new stage of the Government with a lot of enthusiasm. His views on women and society in general are very close to those of We can. Even in the environment of the Royal Family the Queen is purple.

In addition, they have that many in the party considered to be “different” to the former of TVE and they admire that you have been able to maintain their posture and their ideals in an environment ‘hostile’.

But eye, because it is said that not everything that appears to be true. Have on the environment United We Can that from the constitution of the new Government, Letizia is shown exaggeratedly sympathetic. That person is “cute” defined Pablo Iglesiasthough raised to the highest power.

irene Montero and Letizia

What runs of Letizia by United we Can

So much so that some claim that he is the duster, and that everything responds to that Letizia he knows that if there is a change in the constitution during the mandate of Sanchez and Churches they could cut his head off. Or at least many of the privileges you enjoy as queen. In other words, it is all a pantomime.

And that is that there are not a few who maintain the label Queen on Letizia and that they are unable to separate concepts, and that they continue to have “vetoed” in the group podemita.