The secrets of anti-ageing of the skin of Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez knows better than anyone that bring glow to the skin can be as effective –and certainly more economical than the botox, the hyaluronic acid or tensor threads (there is more than to see their 50 years, better than the 30). But how do you get that light that seems to emanate from the inside and that is a trend among many other celebrities? With the illuminator (highlighter, will read in English), a sort of filament magic of the make-up in its different textures –liquid, creamy or powder– provides just the right touch of brightness in strategic points of the face.

Test to illuminate your skin with Genuine Glow Estée Lauder (9 €), valid for lips and cheeks, or Face Glow Cream Shimmer by Natasha Denona (34,95 €). Provide the skin with a mild veil of color, from peach to gold, which allows you to include shine without overburdening. Other formats such as the dropper Orgasm Liquid Highlighter from NARS (32,55 €) leave the skin much more juicy, but it must be applied with care so that it is not too bright

It is the favorite tool of Mary Phillips, make-up artist for the singer and virtually all of the clan Kardashian (Kim, Kendall, Kylie…), in addition to Chrissy Teigen or Hailee Steinfeld. Check out their Instagram (thanks, Mary, for enlighten us with these close-ups of JLo) it’s like coming across a serial of skins that shine like mirrors (is a master of the neutrals; will find no shadows or neon lips gothic). And all with a product that in your case, in addition, it is low cost (used True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator, of L’oréal Paris, whose price is 12 euros). Then, write some tricks that will earn you the coveted ‘what a good face you have today!’ with something as simple as a good use of make-up.

– Skin juicy. The luster that is left on the face after a session of hyaluronic acid because this substance is a great retainer of water; hence, to look with an extra hydration. And the hydration is light. To mimic their effect, mix a drop of illuminating the liquid with a bit of base makeup and spread the mixture all over the face as if aplicases a cream. The minipartículas abalone are distributed evenly throughout the skin resulting in a light effect instant.

– Lifting effect. Applied in the upper area of the cheeks, exactly on the bone of the cheekbone, a little bit of shimmer will have the power to enhance the traits of a slight facelift.

Jennifer Lopez. (Reuters)
Jennifer Lopez. (Reuters)

– Face girl. If you stretch the illuminator along the jaw line (always light), will have an interesting game optical: the chin will be widened, which is perfect for faces, elongated and triangular, that will look more square. And a face square is synonymous with placid childhood…

– Lips thicker. Deposit a small dot of light in the Cupid’s bow, right in the sweet heart that form the upper lip, and you’ll get that gain volume. The lips will be framed, they will look thicker and you will not need to use profiler.

– Look well-rested. The trick is simple: put a touch of highlighter just under the arch of the eyebrow and above, in parallel. The same with the tear: cover it with a point of light. Realzarás the eyes and the expression look more youthful.

Jennifer Lopez. (Reuters)
Jennifer Lopez. (Reuters)

– Neckline of vertigo. If your outfit leaves the view, apply illuminator liquid in the clavicles to highlight the volume of the bone and mix a drop with your cream of the body for passing it by the neck in general. The skin this area look a lot younger.

– One last trick. Do you have entered want to go out to buy a highlighter and gives you no time? A cream, balm or oil (the classic Crème de La Mer, 8 Hours Elizabeth Arden or Skin Food, lotion, multipurpose Weleda) provide light due to its emollient powers. Without going more far, the makeup artist Mary Phillips told the magazine ‘W’ which, with the index finger, applied Crème de la Mer on the cheeks and on the top of the nose and face after finishing your makeup. “It all comes back to look like skin again”, he said.

The combination of marine ingredients (with their leaven miraculous as a base), Crème de La Mer has become a unique formula to restore, revitalize and brighten the skin. There's still time to get the vintage limited edition (280 €).
The combination of marine ingredients (with their leaven miraculous as a base), Crème de La Mer has become a unique formula to restore, revitalize and brighten the skin. There’s still time to get the vintage limited edition (280 €).