The selfie unedited Jennifer Lopez with a bikini of yarn that leaves nothing to the imagination

May 09, 2020
(12:37 CET)

Jennifer Lopez wanted to prove that after 50 years you can still be fabulous and has done so with a publication in your social networks who has viralizado quickly.

In the picture we see the american singer with a spectacular bikini white thread and even though it appears serious in the selfie in front of the mirror what is certain is that the reviews have been very positive.

His followers have been left stone before the selfie unheard of JLO that has surprised everyone once again with something that is not expected to be going past the 50 years.

50 feel good

What is certain is that Jennifer Lopez is not the only famous that once you turn 50 it seems that is still on the crest of the wave of beauty.

The actress Jennifer Aniston has passed the age of fifty in one of his finest moments and is winning to the world again. It would not be surprising that if you go back with Brad Pitt once again be the bride of united States.

The back to the movies of Jennifer Lopez

The New York artist seems to return to get the taste for the cinema, something that made 10 years that it did not after being considered one of the worst actresses in the history.

However, his great role in ‘Scammers on Wall Street’ has renewed the forces and your next job will be to interpret the role of Griselda Blanco, ‘Godmother of Cocaine’.