the ‘star’ of the COP25 is turned off in the management of the pandemic


Teresa Ribera went well stop the Climate Summit in December. It is not that the agreements reached on the 25th Conference of the Partiesknown asCOP 25be the not going more in the fight against climate change.

The meeting ended with the record of being the longest ever and with a covenant unsatisfactory and feeble to the organizerssince that was not achieved to take forward one of the main points on the agenda: the who should develop the future carbon markets for the sale and purchase of CO2 emissions. She left “a taste of bittersweet”.

But the minister of Ecological Transition they hung a medal in the eyes of a Government in functions and a Pedro Sanchez in search of investiture. Ribera took the flight the witness slipped by Chile. Shaken by the protests, the Executive Sebastián Piñera I could not offer the security that an event of this magnitude required.

The tandem of Sanchez-Ribera was a bonanza to be logged both in the field of “climate emergencies” and was host of a world event with activist Greta Thunberg as ‘headlining’

The tandem of Sanchez-Ribera was a bonanza in the “weather emergency” and was host of a global event with dozens of agents and activist Greta Thunberg as headlining. The Climate summit served to put the map on the Government of Spain in the era post-Rajoy. Also to increase the weight of the ministers in the Council.

A month later, in January, Sanchez gave the fourth -and unexpected – vice-presidency. United We Cancoalition partner of the government, neither knew. The socialist leader added to the responsibilities of the policy in madrid the another fashion issue in the recent election campaigns: the demographic challenge.

Away from the committee of desescalada

But the healthcare crisis and economic that shaken the country because of the coronavirus has put in check to the minister of Ecological Transition. In a matter of five months, the star the COP25 has been turned off with the management of the pandemic.

In between, several arguments with the former president of Electrical network of Spain (REE), Jordi Sevilla. “Is a lord to which we are all familiar, with a great expansive capacity in terms of communication, and if you do not feel comfortable in the context that he says, of the external references in the regulatory context, it is perhaps understandable that they go,” he said about the former minister of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Ribera was elected to coordinate the committee desescalada to the baptized as “new normal”, that is to say, the reality after the running of the bulls. But the lack of a specific itinerary of dates and proposals of output after two months of forced confinement of the population to slow the advance of the coronavirus forced to PeterSanchez to take it off and run it himself on the committee of desescalada.

As published Vozpópuli, The Moncloa avoided to announce the release, but that is what made de facto. From then on, have not benefited to your image, some of their interventions in the media and social networks. In the line of “if you don’t feel comfortable, that will be” dedicated to Jordi Sevilla, Ribera went to the hoteliers before his doubts with the plan of ‘desescalada’: “he who does not feel comfortable, which do not open”.

“I have to say to the minister that is what they are going to do the hoteliers, I am almost agree with it. It is unfortunate and tacky that will not be able to review their decisions, while safeguarding any health issue, to save companies. The sensitivity for this lady it has been left at home”, ugly, the president of Hospitality of Spain, José Luis Yzuel. Bank apologized and said that they had taken the phrase out of context.

Interview in ‘The Country’: “Portugal is a little more to the west”

Then came the interview in The Country. Asked by the data of hiv infections and deaths by covid-19 Portugal, infinítamente better than that of Spain, the vice-president fourth replied that “Portugal stopped before. He came from the east (the coronavirus) and they are a little bit more to the west, and then were able to stop a little before.” The storm of criticism did not wait: by that rule of three, Spain could have looked in the mirror of Italy.

There has been a behavior on the part of society as a whole and by part of political forces much more compact, to help it”, considers Bank with respect to the neighbor Portugal. Asked about if the big mistake of Spain was not decreed the state of alarm a week before, Ribera throws a mantra of ‘captain hindsight’:

“It is much easier to afterwards. Afterwards we all wonder why the 31 of December, when you heard certain things from China, we felt so beyond good and evil for thinking this was not going to get here”.

Fire on Twitter: “Comforting to see The Castilian full of bikes”

Accused of not doing self-criticism before the more than 26,000 people are dead by covid-19, 223,000, or infected and the lack of material protection for health that have been made against the pandemic, Ribera ended up setting fire to the staff with a tweet full of cute icons in full state of alarm about what was “comforting to see The Castilian full of bikes and its boulevards of citizens walking, running, or walking the dog.”

“It is comforting: 25.000 deaths, thousands of sick, unemployed, the economy in the dumps, 3 million locals locked at home 23 hours a day for two months. It is wonderful… please, don’t be ridiculous and think of what happens in front of the concession out for a walk one hour. Families that carry without having income for two months and they are going really bad. People on the brink of a depression. Please, do not frivolice and empatice a light with them. Thank you”, he begged Elena Postigo, professor of Bioethics and Anthropology of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

“Minister, This is not finished! How crazy to remove the gravity of the situation. If you banalize, the society will think really that this has finished and there is still much ahead. I responsibility!”, responded to a Mental Health specialist and expert in Management of Health Services.

“I have respected scrupulously the rules laid down by the Government. I do it for the responsibility as a citizen to the severe health crisis and economic and I have to read this of a vice-president of a Government, which, in change, has not apologized for the errors committed,” snapped Ana Losadapresident of the Assembly at a Bilingual School in Catalonia (AEB).

A few days before the Bank was echoing a news story about that France I was studying measures to implement the bicycle as the main means of transportation to maintain social distancing when the end of the confinement.

“It’s a great idea and a great opportunity in the framework of a different mobility. I’m going to ask my teams of Climate and Air Quality study with our colleagues in other ministries and of local governments and regional”, celebrates.