This is the new home of $20 million Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra


Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra he joined the group of celebrities who, during the time of quarantine, have been consolidated in millions investments in mansions in Los Angeles.

After six months of being interested in a property of $20 million dollars, and has been subjected to multiple renewals, it seems that the couple are planning to leave your current residence in Encino to release it once the public health emergency ends.

This is a home located in the exclusive San Fernando valley, California, which features an outdoor, infinity pool, multiple gardens spread across two levels, a private tennis court and parking.


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The property is located in Pacific Palisades, near the mansions of Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck

In the interior, the mansion it is made by a huge hall to receive the guests; it features elegant wooden furniture, combined with the ceilings of the same material and lighting panels.

Boasts 11 bathrooms spread throughout the building, a gym, a bar room, a bowling alley, a basketball court deck and a cinema room custom.

The middle level of the house is built with walls of glass that offer better views of the valley, holds a spacious living room with marble fireplace, a dining room and chef’s kitchen.

In the third level there are seven luxury rooms also with huge glass panels and a second terrace.


Photo: The Grosby Group

According to reports Daily Mail, the new home of the family Jonas Chopra is located less than 4 miles away from the residence of his brother Joe and his wife, the actress Sophie Turnervalued at $14.1 million dollars.

The couple was interested in the mansion in November of last year, but before the end of the investment, decided to undergo a redesign, based on your personal tastes.

“I’m on tour and she is filming a movie, so we are between homes at this time. But we are very excited to establish our home together and take those risks, to try different things,” said Nick Architectural Digest.

“Can we go back to the drawing board if you do not feel well, and re-create it. We will take our time to do that either because there is certainly no hurry,” he added.


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Priyanka and Nick started their friendship in 2016 through a group of mutual friends, but it was until a party of Hollywood in 2017 who started out formally.

For 2018, the couple announced their engagement via social networks, with Jonas describing his bride as “Future Mrs Jonas” and Chopa answering the phrase, “With the heart and soul”.

The couple bragged about an expensive engagement ring Tiffany.

Months after the couple held two weddings, one under the christian religion that professes the family Jonas and the other under the hinduism of the family Chopra. Both of the ceremonies was presumed to be exclusive of, and carried out under millions of dollars in planning.

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