This was the struggle of Jennifer Lopez to be a mother


From that Jennifer Lopez married Mark Anthony revealed his intention to be a mother, because the artist considered that it was his dream of life. In an exclusive article, the Journal, See did a count on all you went through to be able to meet this goal.

It should be recalled that the singer was able to conceive their two children in 2007, after three years of trying, to such an extent that she considered that it could be due to some poblema physical, because her husband had three children from his previous marriage.

“Remember with nostalgia your pregnancy, perfect, full of joy, and full of anecdotes, for example, that in full concert, he forgot, for the first time, the lyrics of a song”, are some of the fragments with curiosities about the process that had to go JLo for being a mother.

Jennifer is a proud mother, as their children were a great ahnelo for her and enjoy her company daily, so since that was announced the news of her pregnancy their children were already recognized. Even so, she is in charge of that they do not shine, and boosts in their talentsas you did when you joined your daughter in your presentation the Super Bowl in February 2020.

However, in spite of not having more biological children, this great woman has become a great stepmombecause the daughters of his current fiance Alex Rodriguez love it and have a great relationship with her, because they see it as a model to follow.

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