“What Cristina Pedroche has seen this?!”. So was Anna Simon before being famous


Anna Simon

May 10, 2020
(17:48 CET)

At the beginning Cristina Pedroche it seemed that we slipped the comments that some got loose in the social networks. We talk about the time in which the vallecana held some kilos of more. The one in the renamed as the “Whale of Vallecas”. And say seemed to because she is self-dubbed “Pedroche Tocha” following what at first seemed to take as a joke.

However, one thing might affect the comments to the wife of David Muñoz. And is that the physical change he has experienced in the last few years has been one of the most beasts in the celebrities Spanish.

Radical change

Madrid has followed a healthy and balanced diet, and she has worked very hard in the gym to achieve get rid of those extra pounds that will generate an endless stream of headaches following the comments and the views. And your merit is to recognize, as many prefer to go under the knife. And that, you know, Pedroche nothing of nothing.

A radical change has also performed one of his companions in Zapeando. We talk about Anna Simon. The collaborator of Mollet del Vallés she has also starred in a noticeable change in your physique.

Anna Simon and Cristina Pedroche

Anna Simon before being famous

“I doCristina Pedroche has seen this?!”, question more than one when presented with this picture which still circulates on the internet. A snapshot taken before it started to be famous in television.

Anna Simon before being famous as a presenter of a festival

A Anna Simon that, unlike Pedrocheyes , has acknowledged being fed up of the comments of the people about the physical. “Comments on the physical only of women. If a is normal, they call her fat, if you are thin, they say that is anorexic. Other, I’ve never heard people say these things of a man”, pointed out a while ago in an interview in the magazine Readings.

Anna Simon