What do they have in common a designer canaria and Kim Kardashian? A dress – Eme – 10/05/2020


Laura Ro hung up on the Monday in your account of Instagram (@bluetoothgirl) an image divided in two halves: to the left, the tv star Kim Kardashianwith 168 million of followers on the social network; and to the right of her, a young Spanish designer, personal stylist of the singer of trap The Zowi, between other jobs. Both wore the same dress. Or almost.

“Oh my god, this is amazing!!! It is perfection!” he said Kardashian. “Congratulations,” added the French designer Thierry Mugler. Laura revealed as well to the great public a work that gave him life during the weeks of confinement: to recreate the iconic dress wet effect (“wet look”) that Mugler designed to Kardashian to the Met Gala last year.

A challenge

The Met, the fashion event that every year brings together all the characters of the world on the first Monday of may in the Metropolitan museum of Art new york, was canceled this 2020 by the pandemic of the COVID-19, but was moved, in some way, to the social networks.

It was then when the american actor Billy Porter challenged by networks to the public at large: to recreate the image of the famous who have passed through the gala in past editions. And that was also when Laura Ro (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands,1993) was cut up and found a purpose fun to be delivered during the confinement, as he explained to Efe in an interview.

Laura Ro, or also Bluetooth Girl, resorted to things from home, such as crystals left over from a dress previous similar, fishing wire, silicone glue or packing tape, and the inspiration of Mugler, designer of reference, who embutió to Kim Kardashian at the Met gala last year in a dress almost impossible to wet effect.

Ro noticed that the packing tape had the same brightness and the same color as the original costume, and the string of fish, I assured the transparency ideal for the crystals to create a cascade of water. The process was happening on the fly.

Then came the praise from both media stars. And not by chance.


“I have a drama with the names. Since I don’t know who I am”she says , jokingly. Ro (the journalist opts for the shorter name) learned how to sew between 14 and 15 years old with her grandmother, after a childhood in which he discovered his current passion for fashion.

He went on to study arts in high school and moved to Galicia (northwest of Spain) to continue his studies, in an environment that allowed him to experiment and find your own style. After exposure in London, where he lived as in a video clip, as he confesses between laughs, until a few months ago ended up in Madrid, where he was caught in the quarantine.

Jeremy Scott, andl Versace the decade of the 90, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bob Mackie, the creator of the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang “happy birthday” to president J. F. Kennedy, Pierre et Gilles or young designers such as Mimi Wade, Dilara Findikoglu or Palomo Spain are some of your artistic references. And Thierry Mugler, its not going more.

But Ro also supports drink of all: the Circus of the Sun, musical “An american in Paris”, photographers as Nadia Lee Cohen or Charlie Denis, or filmmakers such as Anna Biller, who designs herself in the costume of their creations and sneaks in their own boxes.

Although, in the last instance, Laura Rodríguez is defined as a creative person that seeks, above all, to create “a fantasy” in each work, inspired by the Carnivals of Tenerife native, although “concluded otherwise”, and by a kind of theatricality constant that seems to accompany you from the beginning, when he worked four years ago for different Drag Queen or a circus company.

“It is a way of life. Now I’m very involved with costume (costume design), especially in orders for video clips, that is more free, is more theatrical. It is not necessary to have a collection or a brand, nor do I have the pressure to sell. And I also do styling, that means collaborating with other brands and mix their own ideas with those of other designers,” she says.

Because the purpose is to create a set. Not only a garment, in particular, says Ro, “but rather ” a whole” stylistic covering costume, makeup or hairdressing.

And the balance between the desire of the artist to use their ideas and their personal touch is very important. Ro is looking for with his designs “do you feel” to the women you work with (“especially women”), invite you to dress up as never they had done, and also exploit the “good” of themselves.

In fact, the singer spainfrance trap The Zowi, who is a designer staff, or own Kardashian, are “women are powerful” whose aesthetic reflects this and, in a way, reinforces their personalities.

The Zowi adds, moreover, that is the kind of women that likes because, among other reasons, “they defend well,” the designs that were proposed and because they do not abandon their parties “very chic, very pop, and also very sexy.” Women who, in addition, they contacted the own Ro after discovering his work in social networks.

The power of instagram

Social networks have “too much importance”, says Ro. “Sometimes it scares me a little.” And he finishes: “it’s crazy that a designer such as Mugler has seen with his eyes what I’ve done with my hands. He shared the publication and left it in their stories featured. In the nineties it would have to be touched to your door”.

Instagram makes it easy. Ro shows there their jobs and creates little by little connections with other professionals and potential customers.

The singer wanted a special wardrobe for its debut at the Primavera Sound last year, and appealed to the artist canaria after viewing his work, it is your personal stylist since then.

He has also worked with other artists such as the Spanish Albany, or Mala Rodríguez (“it called me the Monday!”, says Ro, excited), and King Jedet, Miss Nina, Rakky Ripper, or influencers such as Olivia Bass.

The own Laura is the protagonist in his account of Instagram, and although he laughs a bit when the journalist is what he says, it recognizes that you try to create your own identity on the social network because it serves to develop its own theatricality and to live his fantasy, and because, in the end, it is a way to test with itself new concepts.

“I’m like a character,” she said between more laughter. “It helps Me to express myself. I get natural,” he says. The future, facing it with the intention of keeping creative in all artistic disciplines that you are passionate about and try new ones. And, as reveals, also with a lot of intuition.