What Karol G and Anuel AA is committed? The singer boasts impressive ring


Mexico city.- The famous and beloved singer, Karol Ghas left more than one of your millions of fans Instagram with the open mouth as predicted a awesome ring with a huge diamond through their stories, which sparked rumors of a commitment with the reggaetonero, Anuel AA.

Karol and Anuel have been a couple for almost two years and for months have expressed that they wish to marry and form a family together, even the interpreter of Kei he stated that this year there was a wedding.

So when you see that the creator of Nasa wore this amazing ring rumors rose like foam and has been waiting for an official announcement by the couple.

However, this could just be a coincidence because the ring is not on the correct finger, the singer tends to use that kind of jewelry and only shared with his fans the new design that was made for your nails.


Source: Instagram @karolg