What was one of the protagonists of Twilight?


MADRID, 9 May. (CulturaOcio) –

The saga ‘Twilight’ is back in today. Although 12 years have passed since the premiere of the first film in 2008, the announcement of Stephenie Meyer’s publication of a new novel, which tells the romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from the point of view of the vampire, has returned to put the franchise on everyone’s lips.

The careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are, largely, known, but in the love story of Bella and Edward, there were more actors, do not forget that the clan Cullen was wide and had a certain rivalry with the werewolves, whose image is most representative was that of Jacob (Taylor Lautner), with which it formed a complicated love triangle.

Because ‘Twilight’ is causing a sensation among their fans more die-hard, the single word “reboot” unleash controversy among the community. Therefore, here is a review by the race of the cast of one of the sagas most popular recent.


Considered to be the actress of the decade by Vanity Fair, Kristen Stewart is more than consolidated in Hollywood, both as a star of commercial productions (has starred in the reboot of ‘Charlie’s angels’ and ‘Underwater’), as well as films from independent court (‘CafĂ© Society’, ‘Certain Women’), in addition to becoming one of the last muses of the French Olivier Assayas in ‘Journey to Sils Maria’ and ‘Personal Shopper’, which was a boost as film actress of the author.


Robert Pattinson has followed a line very similar to Kristen Stewart, also becoming a leading figure of the independent film and playwright, starring in films such as ‘Good Time’, ‘The King’, ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’, ‘High Life’ or ‘The lighthouse’. He has worked with filmmakers such as David Cronenberg (‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’), James Gray (‘Z. The lost city’) and, coming soon, premiere of ‘Tenet’, by Christopher Nolan, in addition to become the next Batman in the version of Matt Reeves.


After finishing the saga ‘Twilight’, Lautner tried to become an action actor, starring in the thriller ‘No way out’. Subsequently has appeared in films such as ‘Tracers’ and ‘Run the Tide’ and in series such as ‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Cuckoo’. On the other hand, has collaborated on films featuring Adam Sandler as the ‘big Boys 2’ or ‘The Ridiculous 6’.


The actor who played the father of Bella, has focused his career primarily on television. After appearing in the saga ‘Twilight’, Billy Burke has participated in series such as ‘Rizzoli & Isles’, ‘The Closer’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Zoo’, ‘Major Crimes’ or ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’. In film he has appeared in films such as ‘running away from the past’, ‘Highland Park’, ‘Never turn off the light or ‘Assault in the night’.


Just like Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli has focused his career on television, where he has featured in series such as ‘Glee’, ‘Nurse Jackie’, ‘American Odyssey’, ‘Supergirl’ or ‘S. W. A. T.: men of Harrelson’. In film he has appeared in films such as ‘Walter’, ‘Between two husbands’, ‘Gangster Land’, ‘Asher’ or ‘Countdown: The hour of your death’. In 2018 he debuted as a director with the comedy ‘Breaking and Exiting’ and he recently directed the thriller ‘Hour of Lead’.


Nominated for an Emmy for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2007, Elizabeth Reaser has appeared in several series recognized as ‘The Good Wife’, ‘True Detective’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Law and order, True Crime: The case of Menendez’, ‘The curse of Hill House’, ‘Easy’, or ‘The tale of the maid’. In film he has excelled in ‘Young Adult’, ‘Love and letters’, ‘The lost paradise’, ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris,’ and ‘Ouija: The origin of evil’.


After appearing in ‘The Twilight saga: Dawn – Part 2’, Ashley Greene has participated in films such as ‘I Wish you were here’, ‘Kristy’, ‘Burying the ex’, ‘Summer in Staten Island’, ‘dangerous Desire’, ‘In uncertain fight’, ‘Accident Man’ and ‘The scandal (Bombshell)’.


Kellan Lutz was passed to the action movies to appear in such films as ‘Blow in Java’, ‘The mercenaries 3’, ‘Hercules: the origin of the legend’ or ‘Extraction’, in addition to tapes as ‘Tarzan’, ‘Money’, ‘Rescue in Osiris’ or ‘Guardians of the tomb’. On television he has been seen in ‘The Comeback’ and will soon appear in ‘FBI: Most Wanted’.


Before becoming a sister of Edward, Nikki Reed was known for having been one of the protagonists of the acclaimed ‘Thirteen’. After appearing in the saga ‘Twilight’, the actress has participated both in films (like ‘Assault on the armored van,’ ‘The siege’ or ‘murder of a cat’) and in series (in ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘V-Wars’).


After appearing in ‘The Twilight saga: Dawn – Part 2’, Jackosn Rathbone has combined his career in film and television, in films such as ‘City of Dead Men’, ‘Justice’ or ‘The Wall of Mexico’ and in series such as ‘Aim High’, ‘Finding Carter’ or ‘The Last Ship’.


Really the role of Anna Kendrick in the franchise was pretty minor. However, your step-by-saga vampire it seems that it served, at least to boost his commercial career, not so much his career between the critical (as for the saga was nominated for an Oscar for ‘Up in the Air’). Just the year in which they released ‘Dawn – Part 2’, the actress starred in his own saga of success, ‘Giving a note’. Has subsequently become one of the actresses of the moment in Hollywood, appearing in films such as ‘A small favor’, ‘Noelle’ or ‘Trolls 2: world Tour’.