Why Serena Williams donates each day 45,000 masks against the COVID-19?


A personal emergency, the origin of the extraordinary humanitarian gesture of the player.

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In a gesture of solidarity extraordinary caused by a urgency staff, Serena Williams has decided to donate more each day With 45,000 face masks of protection to the communities most in need of Los Angeles Southern (California) and West Palm Beach (Florida), in particular to the families of health workers essential in the first line of combat against the COVID-19.

The former world number 1 tennis athlete and tops the ranking of Forbes athletes female with more income has been associated with Bella+Canvas, popular t-shirt manufacturer american, through one of their own companies, S by Serenaseal fashion for women with all types of physical and silhouettes.

“I wanted to do something that the times would make an impact for the people neglected. I wanted to make a difference”, highlights Serena in your social networks

To respond to the desire of Williams they cater to people without resources with a protection that can save lives, Bella+Canvas now produces masks, designed to charities of West Palm Beach and theYetude Price Resource Center, NGO that works with victims of violence direct and indirect, traumatized, and living in poverty in the Los Angeles South.

Association with Bella+Canvas through S by Serena in aid of the needy.

Serena, confined with her husband Alexis Ohanian and Olympia, the daughter of both, it has reacted with your humanitarian action the difficulties it has had itself to be able to find a mask, even online.

The winner of 23 titles Grand Slam he has shared the story of your initiative in a video:

“Hello to you all. I have some good news to report. I want to explain to you the path that has led me to do this”, alluding to the massive donation.

Their goal: to positively impact the underserved communities and families of health personnel.

“I tried to get a mask. We already know that with the new social distancing to go to the grocery store and do other things that are really important to our daily lives there are to carry a tune”.

“I couldn’t find any, (also) I tried to buy one online… and I started to think, ‘if I can’t find a mask, what are they doing to others?’”

“And here comes the good news: I’ve partnered with Bella+Canvas and S by Serena, and we’re donating more than 45,000 masks (daily). We are delivering to underserved communities and individuals without access to them”.

In addition, Serena offers masks to all of its stalwarts in their official website and in the platform S by Serena; just pay the shipping and handling charges.

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