Yuliett Torres did not take it any more and it counts as what has made it possible


The instagramer Yuliett Torres was leading the confinement as best he could, like the rest of mortals on the planetwith the aggravating circumstance that the province takes weeks without being able to do photos outside, something that limits it quite a bit when a large part of his professional activity is based on that, precisely…

Even so, Yuliett is pulling from memories and a lot of imagination to be able to overcome this confinement and that their Instagram follow having the maximum traffic possible. That is why, during these last few weeks, your pictures have been, or on sites that are highly desired as his bedroom or in the streets, doing sport in the case of the throwback thursday. Even been strained some photos of the making of of the session that he did for the magazine H for men that was on the cover last January.

But the days are passing by and they start to be too many already. It is normal to have lows and most difficult moments and for the good of Yuliett, the Kardashian in mexico as many have dubbed it, has wanted to share with all of your followers one of the tricks used to burn the abdominal fat and to be able to wear a tipazo as the one that holds the mexican. It is not the only trick, because Torres is a great athlete and it sticks true beatings in the gym to be able to have those legs of his dreams and that belly is so perfect.

In the photo where the influencer appears with the product in question, cover its eyes with your hand, and this prevents see nothing of his face, also because of that hand in the eyes, wearing a mask, black with the logo of the brand in question. If it wasn’t for his body is impossible to confuse, we might have a doubt if it is Yuliett or not, but these curves reveal without any doubt.

I said, Yuliett Torres told you its top secret…