a decade of love of Shakira and Pique


10 years of the love story of Shakira and Pique

How time passes! Suddenly we are in 2020 and in the midst of a global pandemic with the coronavirus life continues… and anniversaries also continue to occur. That’s why today, we remember a story of love to the rhythm of the are of Africa, and among chutazos ball was turned into a phenomenon.

We speak of course of one unforgettable World cup in south Africa who won the Spanish Selection of Football. And, of course, of all the relationships that emerged from this macro global event.

Clear that also, we rid the heart with the story of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, and her kiss live before millions of spaniards excited for the momentazo in questionor the stares that led to Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos to become years after husband and wife and parents of four children.

There were many love stories, but one had special prominence because it was denied until it was more than obvious.

We speak of course of the relationship that kept Spain on edge after winning such a coveted award. Its undisputed protagonists were Shakira and Pique.

What we knew ten years ago is that Shakira was a super star world that put voice and movements of the hips and that had an established relationship without marriage in the middle with her boyfriend for more than a decade.

Pique, that he had had a relationship shortly with the media. And soon, the Waka rumor joined the Waka reality, as said the own Shakira. It is now ten years after the launch of the video clip of the song, which made us all learn the choreography but still we don’t know the chorus to one hundred percent.

The rest came with the official confirmation thanks to a photo on twitter of Shakira with a key text: “I present to you my sunshine”. All a declaration of intentions. A beautiful family and a relationship to the test of rumors of crisis confirms the rest.

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