A must see video from MTV where Shawn Mendes balia reggaeton what are real Images?


MTV posted a meme dedicated to Shawn Mendes and how she dances to her song of reggaeton favorite, unleashing confusion in your audience, who are wondering if the images are real.

The chain of television MTVin his Twitter account for all of Latin America, it has got a meme dedicated to the pop star, Shawn Mendes, in which he appears dancing reggaeton backs.

In the meme, read the following text: “Shawn Mendes when you get reggaeton”, and reproduces the image of a man moving their hips to the rhythm of a well-known topic.

As it turns out, although it would seem obvious that the protagonist of the video is not Shawn Mendes, the users of MTV Latin america does not have as clear.

The publication was a flurry of comments, some praising the form so neat dance of course Shawn, while others envied Camila’s Hair to have him as a boyfriend.

“Beggar Shawn haha all of that is eaten Camila” or “Fuck!! This is real??!”, were some of the comments of the people about the funny publication. However, a little further down, other internet users made it clear that the person in the video is not Shawn Mendesamong other things, the amount and types of tattoo that looks.