A neighbor was surprised to Tekashi 6ix9ine showing off the dollars in the balcony: on the security you are transferred home


Tekashi 6ix9ine he was released from prison, he returned to the social networks and immediately began the complications.

The rapper latino, which received a reduced sentence after his cooperation “extraordinary” and “substantial” against their former members of gangs in New York, made the explosive statements from the house where he was serving his prison home.

With his characteristic irreverence, the controversial artist justified to have betrayed the gang that committed various crimes and that he was brought before the justice. 6ix9ine also bragged about their expensive accessories and the million you have in cash.

With what had not 6ix9ine was that your neighbor was looking at everything and published his location on Instagram.

“I can’t believe it, 6ix9ine is in the house next door”revealed a young woman in a video that quickly viralizó by the network.

For the safety of the man who is considered by some as a “snitch”, the authorities removed from the house in which he had been located for his arrest.

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