“Across the Way”: The new theme song of Jake Gyllenhaal straight from Broadway


There are many initiatives that celebrities have been raised with the whole issue of staying at home, in part to contribute by being public figures, and other so much because like everyone, also not found what to do at home.

Jake Gyllenhaal he released a single called “Across the Way”, written by the composer of Broadway Jeanine Tesori and the playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, whose lyrics speak of the current situation facing people in home since it is standard to stay in the safety of home.

It is an initiative strictly serious, that is to say, his purpose it is to encourage people to comply with the minimum security measures to avoid compromising your health, however it does so using monologues turning to the laughter to accept the world’s population.

Part of the lyrics of the song, which has a duration of a little more than 4 minutes, invites you to keep your hands clean.

“Day 32, I washed my hands, did a hen of cornish. Day 36 sewn for a mask, I washed my hands again.”

This audio-visual of the actor can be observed in its Instagramin that subtituló the video with the sentence: “a song of love in the age of isolation”.