Adele reappeared in the networks, and surprised everyone with his new figure: the strict diet that he lost 50 pounds


The music industry is practically paralyzed from the pandemic of the coronavirus, at least in regards to the live shows. However, in these days Adele he returned to the news for their fans, although not exactly for a show.

In what was his comeback in the networks -had not shared any publication in which this 2020-, the singer took advantage of his birthday number 32 to share with their followers their renewed figure.

“Thank you for all the love on this day of birthday. Hope that you are all safe and sound during this crazy time. I would like to thank all our first responders and essential workers that keep us safe while risking their lives! They are our angels, you truly are our angels”said the artist, although their fans did focus on your body.

“You look amazing”, “Wow”, “I didn’t recognize you, you’re beautiful” or “My queen” were just some of the thousands of comments it received, the artist, the publication of which reached the impressive figure of more than 9.300.000 likes.

What is certain is that the singer has dropped 50 pounds with a strict diet complemented with physical exercise, in addition to quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption.

The diet, called “Sirtfood”, it is a regime based on foods containing sirtuinsa group of enzymes found in the body and that would be the responsible for regulating metabolism, inflammation, and other bodily functions.

With this technique -which consists in eating foods that speed up metabolism and burn fat- developed by nutritionists, English Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, you can consume up to a thousand calories per daywhich means, on average, half of which need an adult.

In a first stage, Adele only consumed fruit and vegetable juices, made from green tea, citrus fruits, apples, turmeric, and parsley, among other foods. And, once past the first four days, he continued with the same restrictive diet, but adding other juices and foods as chicken.

It is worth remembering that the artist, who was the mother of his son Angelo in 2012, it was decided by a healthier life-style, although loathe to go to the gym and doing sport in public. According to Camila Goodis, his personal trainer, his aim was not to lose weight but simply “feel better”.

In what has to do with the physical training, Adele followed a plan of exercises that blend Pilates with strength training exercises. According to published The Sun, the artist supplemented that plan following videos and tutorials from gurus to fitness as Joe Wicks, coach of his intimate friend, Jennifer Lawrence.

“Not only the Sirtfood, but diets in general do not serve because they do not teach habits, portions and handling of emotions. We have to understand that obesity is not only leaving to eat, is a disease with a lot of edges that needs to be addressed, and a simple diet will not fix”explained the Degree in Nutrition and a specialist in obesity Daniela Natale, who emphasizes the belief that dieting is the solution, and that the limitation of food produces weight loss.

“The diet is restriction, bad mood, stress, hunger, and generate more anxiety”stressed the nutritionist, for whom the ideal to begin with a nutritional plan that will contribute to slowly decline weight is to acquire healthy habits.