Alec Baldwin makes fierce criticism parodying Donald Trump while drinking bleach


The comedian left in ridicule in repeatedly to the president of the united States while played it for SNL

Alec Baldwin has recovered from the confinement of his now-famous imitation of Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live. In the latest edition of the legendary comedy show, the protagonist Rockefeller Plaza, and To Rome with love he returned to play the president of the United States to make fun of their statements in relation to the coronavirus and occurrences of the past few weeks as inject disinfectant, or take ultraviolet rays to kill the viruses.

At the opening of the program, Baldwin interpreted to Trump that, dressed with your hat for Make America Great Again’, offering a speech to some students that just graduated by means of video conferencing.

“Congratulations to the class of Covid-19”, ripped this fake Trump that, after a complaint that “I have been treated very badly, even worse that they tried to Lincoln” in a moment of his intervention, drink a bottle of bleach.

“Don’t you hate those moments in which the experts of the elite will tell you what you have to do? Sorry for a moment… a good juice of invincibility”, he said after taking a swig of the bottle of disinfectant.

“Surround yourself with the worst people you can find to always shine”it was another of the advice that the fake Trump Baldwin offered them to the students