All of these famous have curly hair but always hide it


That the real hair Shakira curly it may not be a surprise, but that Marta Hazas or Cristina Pedroche release your wavy hair is something that even we struggle to assimilate. All of them turn to treatments of smoothing, as it is probably the case of Meghan Markle, others smooth daily demonstrating mastery with the iron, and some, frankly, have no idea how to do it, but we had not discovered that wore curls of natural up to now, taking advantage of the quarantine, have shown their true and wavy I.

Gwyneth Paltrow. Wavy and slightly curled, never would have thought that the deck and ultrasaludable mane Gwyneth was actually wavy. Unlike other celebrities that we could imagine as some baby hair wavy peeked through his face, he has surprised us completely.

Cristina Pedroche. Although on more than one occasion has dared with the curls the afro, each time that Cristina left outdoors your natural hair, its waves explain the why of its volume and force.

Madonna, with the hair straightening, and with their curls natural something more defined with the help of a shaper. (Getty)
Madonna, with the hair straightening, and with their curls natural something more defined with the help of a shaper. (Getty)

Madonna. The ambition blonde has never hidden her real hair is wavy but her relationship with her natural hair goes through periods of, as his music. Sometimes defends his curls and other subjects under the dictatorship of the hairstyles ultralisos.

Marta Hazas. Although the actress that she can always show her more natural, we had never paid attention to their hair always smooth or hairstyle with waves classic was not in reality as well. Your ripple small and very definite has been all a discovery.

Mariló Montero. Like Madonna, the presenter goes back and forth with her hair. As soon as it looks natural, wavy and with volume, such as smoothing and taming them with a little wave. Your account of Instagram is an excellent setting to discover the thousand and one looks Mariló.

Nicole Kidman, Billy Zane in a frame of 'total Calm'.
Nicole Kidman, Billy Zane in a frame of ‘total Calm’.

Nicole Kidman. Making an exercise of memory, we can travel up to ‘total Calm’, 1989 movie in which a very young Nicole sported a mane rizadísima and very red. Although, at present, is rarely shown in public with the curly hair, in any gala your hair is unruly, and you can see a ricillo loose.

Salma Hayek. The mexican has the hair very wavy and has never hidden, although it is not their preferred look to walk the red carpet. What is more, many times brand a few waves more spacious than their natural in time to free her curls.

Mary Pedraza. In addition to being one of the girls at the time, the actress can boast of having a mane full of volume and curls very marked. In ‘Elite’ we were able to enjoy them in a pure state even though for the premieres and photo sessions, Mary prefers to smooth out her hair.

Ariana Grande. The woman tied to a ponytail has begun to liberate your natural hair gradually and, under the collected ultratirantes, small and curly baby hairs are claiming their space in their hair. Instagram and quarantine have made the laziness by smooth her hair weighs more in the mane of the singer and has shown her hair natural, curly.

But they are not the only celebs with curly hair that he is subjected to the control and the iron. Sarah Hyland, of the already completed ‘Modern Family’, Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, Joan Smalls or Lili Reinhart also let go of your hair naturally wavy some days.