¡Amazing! Selena Gomez proves with these pictures that you no longer suffer for love


Selena Gomez began his artistic career being a very young girl, participating in a series of Disney, then with the passage of years, was to grow professionally thanks to their talent and perseverance.

Virtually Selena Gomez he spent his adolescence in scene in scene, the entire audience was witness of her big changes of style and their fans were to imitate her.

Today, at 27 years of age makes it very clear that he stopped being a little girl to become a lovely and beautiful woman. Their outfits have been tendencies to be characterized very charming.

In an account of fans of the singer of “Boyfriend”, “Wolves”, “Lose you to love me”, and rescued a outfit that he wore in one of his presentations, composed by a micro-top, a often short combined with a jumpsuit around dark, which will enhance your entire silhouette. Costumes that sparked gasps at the knights.

Remember, we are the famous he maintained a romance toxic Justin Bieber that ended a long time ago. Since then, Selena is dedicated to take better care of herself and has done no more than to flourish in your personal and professional life, for example, when he released his new single titled “Rare” after 5 years of absence, the music.

Another image that impressed us for its incredible beauty, is where it appears Selena enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon, wearing a beautiful swimsuit 2 pieces where you detailed every part of her statuesque body. God that woman!

But Selena not everything is beauty, the singer has other qualities that have helped it to stand out and placing it in the top of the popularity as is the music, his great passion, which has not ceased even in these days of confinement social.