Anthony Hopkins goes viral on TikTok with his challenge to Stallone and Schwarzenegger


Their 82-year-old debuted with a challenge that has been making viral

The success of the social network TikTok continues to expand in these days of confinement, thanks to famous celebrities that have made this platform the way to maintain contact with his fans in times of social distancing.

A legendary star is incorporated into this trend, Anthony Hopkins, who at 82 years old he made his debut with a challenge that has been making viral. The challenge comes from the hip hop world, the “Toosie Slide Challenge”, title track from the rapper Drake.

Hopkins he challenged other figures of great renown in Hollywood to participate, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The English actor began his video dancing, waving their arms and moving gracefully trying to follow the directions of the topic.

At the end of their dance Hopkins approaches the camera and says: “Hello, lord Stallone, keep writing! Is there a good part for me? Give me one more… huh?”, recalling the dialogues of the movie most celebrated of Stallone, Rocky.

Later Hopkins it is directed to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first English say hello to the mascot of the former governor of California, la burrita Lulu, the action actor has become famous in social networks and subsequently utters the famous phrase of the movie Terminator: “I’ll be back”.