Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are encouraged to collaborate together with a theme of solidarity (and more business)


If something knows the human being to do is to get out of the bad, a positive part, and so what we are seeing during the confinement world caused by the Covid-19. Despite the fact that the world stops, the people have shown their human side, and caring, and musical artists continue to work from home to create themes in solidarity with social funds. It is the case of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grandethat after so many years, have decided to collaborate on a topic that has crazed his fans (and it is not for less). In addition, Avril Lavigne it has also been suggested to launch a topic with a positive message to encourage us during this time.

Avril Lavigne – We Are Warriors

Avril Lavigne has become and he does so with reason of the world crisis caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19. Under the title of We Are Warriorsthe singer makes it clear to us that we will overcome this bump.

Hailee Steinfeld – Your Name Hurts

Hailee Steinfeld we have shown that they have the talent to act in front of cameras, to pose as a never in front of a goal, and pull all your potential when you’re given a microphone. And this last re-rearfirmar after presenting his new single, Your Name Hurts.

Khalid and Summer Walker – Eleven

The voice of Khalid he has earned the respect of the music industry, and every time it launches a new topic of its fans go crazy at times. this week presented his latest single hand in hand Summer Walker called Eleven.

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber – Stuck with U

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are quarantine -as the rest of us mortals-, but that hasn’t stopped it from launching a theme to encourage us in times of crisis. Under the name Stuck with Uthis song comes with solidary fund: the benefits you get out of this issue will be destined to the foundation’s First Responders Children s.

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