Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Ana Mena and Dellafuente: the duos bring the new songs of the week | Music


We had been day dreaming with the arrival of Friday, and now that it is here, we can already begin to give it my all with the new topics that bring our favorite artists. If last week were Paul Lopez, Luis Fonsi and Maria tried to cross some of the managers of brand new may high for everything, now comes the turn of the duo’s more vibrant.

In this case, artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cali and the Dandee, Sebastian Yatra, Ana Mena and Dellafuente, among others, have decided to unite their voices to surprise us with new hits international. Yes, hits to suit all tastes, as it gather pace very diverse. We do not want to entertain more! So read on and discover what some of our artists have prepared for you this week.

Friday, may 8

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande – Stuck With U. Both artists open up the doors of their houses to know what your day-to-day during the confinement. How could it be otherwise, their life partners, their partners, dominating a large part of their days. In this way, Ariana confirmed her relationship with Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent. What better than to be locked up with the person you love? Stuck With U comes with a few rhythms of the smooth soul that makes it a real defect. The funds raised with this issue will be destined to the foundation’s First Responders Children’s, in charge of finance scholarships to children of workers of the health.

Ana Mena, Dellafuente – The Wall. The malagueña is passed to your style with a flamenco taste to collaborate with this regards to the trap at the international level. The Wall speaking of that relationship tug-of-war in which both lovers re-uniting and separating, but they are aware that they can not live without each other. It pure andalusian art in a unique fusion of voices!

Lérica, Belinda – Flamenkito. And speaking of styles aflamencados… Belinda has returned to fall completely surrendered to the talent of Lérica to work again in a collaboration that aims to become one of the rhythms of the summer. It is Flamenkito, a subject in which the urban beats and tropical could not miss. Although the desire to dance that trigger their palms and castanets not go unnoticed.

Cali and the Dandee, Sebastian Yatra – Madness. In these times of confinement, there are many couples who take their relationship at a distance. That is something that these talents latinos are aware, and have therefore decided to give life to Madness, a song that represents that state of mind that causes us to be away from the person you love, either by the confinement or because the love has ended. This topic is part of Collegethe new album of Cali and the Dandee.

C. Tangana – Guille Killer. There is nothing nor anyone that can frenarle the foot to madrid. After his success I Am Never, has launched this new simple rhythms of the rap/trap, and with a touch of experimental noise, which will also form part of his EP. This time again to work with Alizzz and Pional to give life to a theme that many consider that he has similarities with one of Kanye West. Your video clip is starred by work images of renaissance art with scenes of explicit sex.

Miki Núñez – I Worth. If there is something that characterizes the Catalan is its ability to fill our lives with good vibes with their songs. That is something that has become to achieve with your new theme, I Worth. A theme that comes with a video clip of the most home with the help of their family members (and also with other familiar faces) “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter that everything is broken. In the end, be able to have lived to me it is worth it. To me it is worth any excuse for a bit more, any excuse to return. If I get a little bit of life, I’d better,” say some of his verses. It pure good vibrations!

Other artists that will take part of the playlists of this week are Hailee Steinfeld with Your Name Hurtsthe subject of his new EP Half Written Story; Ricky Martin and Farruko with the remix of Sharks; Sidecars with Imperfect World; and Vetusta Morla and several artists with Hugs Banned. Let yourself be transported by all these rhythms!