Becky G ‘ground’ and cancelled their collaboration with Omar Montes for ‘not to be in the line of their ideals


Apparently, Becky G and Omar Montes would have been recorded a theme together that finally you will not see the light. So did you see the singer with the response to a user who asked on Twitter for the song, which had been announced a long time ago.

“I record. Do the songs. But even after you get a song, if after something indicates that it is not in line with my ideals, just not approved. So simple”, I wrote the interpreter Without Pajamas in a tweet I delete it soon after.

However, this that the singers let go of órdagos on Twitter and then try to pretend that nothing has happened removing the message is unprofessional. The followers of the colombian understood that not cooperating with the Bread, Blessed by the gestures and expressions of machismo that have been put in doubt your tolerance of women, but is that the singer also does not have the clean record with regard to this topic.

It is true that Omar Montes has starred in several gestures controversial and in bad taste, especially during his participation in ‘Big Brother‘but Becky G has collaborated with Anuel AA, Maluma, French Montana, Paul London, Of The Ghetto… Some of them, in addition to include in his lyrics, singing of machismo, have been even accused of assault. In Addition, Becky G he has worked more than once with Farruko, author of the phrase ‘I’ll give you good hard like Chris gave to Rihanna’.