Bright 2: Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are coming back for the sequel of Netflix


Netflix has given the green light to a new project cinematogrfico: the film of action and science ficcin Bright enjoy a sequelalso starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. However, the streaming platform has made a change in the director’s chair: instead of David Ayer (Escuadrn Suicide), we find Louis Leterrier (Now you see me) to the front of this second part.

This world of humans, orcs and elves comes back to us

Louis Leterrier is in negotiations to direct Bright 2one of the first projects cinematogrficos original from Netflix. The film, to the relief of the fans, re-tell with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton playing the agents Ward and Jakoby, respectively. While it is true that David Ayer will not sit in the director’s chair, s that has helped Evan Spiliotopoulos in the tasks script, while T. S. Nowlin has also contributed in the rewriting of the libretto. Yesterday also cause Bright 2 with Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless.

The original story is born from the mind of Max Landisthat has been the creator of this universe and these characters: a world where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have lived since the beginning of time. While the first film did not enjoy the applause of the crtica, s it is true that he was able to put together 11 million viewers in its first weekend. Part of his tirn is debi to have an actor of the stature of Will Smith: because of this, the film not tard in becoming the original film ms seen of the platform, with more than 60 million visits.

Despite the bad reviews, Bright meeting to 11 million viewers

Of time, the details of the history of Bright 2 unknown. What is not extrao is to discover that we are going to enjoy a sequel to this film, bearing in mind that Tyler Rake Chris Hemsworth also enjoy a following: not in vain, this production was seen by ms 90 million households during their first four weeks. Leterrier, for his part, is not a stranger on Netflix: he has directed 10 episodes of Dark crystal: The Era of Resistance – if os acordis, helped to save the puppets of a fire drawing a map to the fire.

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