Britney Spears is grateful for the support of their fans with sexy photo


If there’s something that recognize Britney Spears, that despite the ups and downs emotional he has had throughout his life, always had a group of fans who have accompanied, supported and even believed in her, more than her.

In the past two years, the personal life of the singer has been compromised in different ways. First was the illness of his father, after rumors of a hospital stay, against their will, also the conflicts in their environment that included an exmanager, and one of the men in charge of their guardianship. None of the professional accomplishments of Britney those years (who had them) was able to calm the storm around your complicated state of health.

For all this, their fans were mobilized with the hashtag #FreeBritney to the end of his ordeal staff, which included medication for a course bipolar disorder that was not properly diagnosed.

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The 2020 seems to be part of a new beginning for Spears. On the road to recovery, and in gratitude to all those who are worried about her, is that the pop star decided to make a gift. At the beginning of may, the fans joined in and were able to position the album Glory, released in 2016, among the most senior positions in the ranking of Billboard.

By way of thanks, the star wrote on their networks: “You asked for a new cover of “Glory”, and since he arrived at number 1 we had to make it a reality! Could not have done it without all of you.” In addition to the text, the photo where she is lying down face up in the middle of the desert, with a tiny piece of lingerie golden and clinging to chains. Perhaps a metaphor for his last few years?

The image, which from now on will be the one that identifies the ninth studio album of Britney Spears may also be on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms.