Caroline Wozniacki hints at the posibilidd of return to tennis


Aprincipios of this year, the champion of the Australian Open in 2018, Caroline Wozniacki, retired from tennis. All were very upset because they would see play, but that might not be the case.

In a recent interview with the Tennis Channel, talked about the possibility of playing doubles with Serena Williams . Take a look. Caroline Wozniacki only return to play with Serena Williams When asked to Caroline Wozniacki if they would consider returning to tennis, she said: “Maybe, if Serena asked me, I can go back to play doubles with her in some tournament more”

This statement should come as no surprise, as Caroline and Serena are very good friends. In addition, they have played doubles together in the 2020’s ASB Classic, which was one of the last tournaments of Caroline.

She spoke about this and said: “In Auckland, was one of the tournaments most fun I’ve ever played. Not only we discussed tactics on the pitch, we only talk and I thought, ‘why don’t we do this before?’ ” It seems that it is possible that we will see Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams playing some tournaments in doubles.

Serena certainly would not mind, because that is playing with her best friend. If it happens, will be something that the fans will be really excited to see. Fans will have to do for this to happen since the pandemic of coronavirus has been suspended by the WTA Tour .

This is something that the fans hate it, but it’s a necessary thing. The tour is scheduled to return in July, assuming that the virus is contained then. Fans expect that to be exactly what happens so that you can see some tennis again with the return of the WTA Tour.

And with any luck, you will also be able to see Caroline Wozniacki to come back and win some doubles titles with her friend Serena Williams.