Chris Hemsworth admits his greatest need with Thor


Chris Hemsworth it has become one of the biggest stars of Hollywood and will always be remembered for his role of Thor in Marvel. But after so many years, including a role of these proportions can be somewhat tedious. That is what happened to the actor until the arrival of Taika Waititi.

After ‘Thor: The dark world’, Chris was in a complicated point with the character, something that the vision of Waititi changed completely, and the actor has always been very grateful. He has now returned to talk about wonders of the filmmaker in GQ.

“It’s crazy fun. But do not confuse that energy frenetic and child with someone who is not prepared. It is a unique combination he has the ability, with humor, calm down, but also is armed with all the knowledge that a director needs to guide you through the entire process. And it came at a time in which I desperately wanted that would have more humor in the character”.

Recently Chris also said that he had already read the script of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘and that it was crazy and one of the best I had read in years.

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