Chris Hemsworth explained why Elsa Pataki decided to keep her maiden name after her wedding | People | Entertainment


Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky they were married in 2010; the couple of actors now share three children: India Rose, 7 years old, and twins Tristan and Sasha, 6. And in all this time the Spanish actress decided to keep her maiden namefor a reason that your husband gave to know in these days.

Hemsworth, 36 years old, spoke with the radio program, australian Kyle and Jackie O on Sunday, in which he revealed that a problem with the passport made it difficult Pataky, 43, made the change. “I think she wanted to, I think I still can (change),” said the Hollywood star. “I think it was when we were driving back from EE. UU. We lived in Europe and we decided where to go. It was a complication of passports and others.”

The couple live in Australia after living in Los Angeles, the city where they met in 2010, during several years. Recently moved to its new home in the idyllic area of Byron Bay with their three children, who have been studying at a distance due to the quarantining of coronavirus.

The actor recently revealed to the Sunday Telegraph they decided to settle in Byron Bay for peace of mind. “There is not a single person (in Byron Bay) with which I interact, or my friends, who are actually in the film industry and that is very refreshing, it is great for my children and my wife,” he said. (E)