Chris Hemsworth: “‘Tyler Rake’ is the movie most demanding that I’ve done”


Los Angeles. Chris Hemsworth stops to fight against Thanos to confront drug traffickers in ‘Tyler’s Rake’ -the tape has been called ‘Extraction’ in the foreign-. Your rescue mission has been so successful on Netflix as his role as the god of thunder in ‘The avengers’. Married to the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, the actor is australian, which passes the confinement with his family in Australia, has been recognised in a video on Instagram that you are happy of the response that it has had its film. In it he gives life to a mercenary who is sent to rescue the child kidnapped by a leader of the organized crime international. It is estimated that 90 million customers of Netflix have seen the tape in a little over two weeks, which makes it the most view of the history of the platform. Directed by Sam Hargrave, who made her debut as a director with a script by Joe Russo, the film is produced by the brothers Russo, who are responsible for the last two installments of the franchise ‘The avengers’.

– What is a challenge to work in a film developed for one platform and not for the cinema?

-The idea of making a tape international allowed us to work with actors from all over the world. The logistics was a challenge for the producers, as well as to collaborate with people who spoke different languages, but, in the end, you just get used to it. The physical challenge was very important because I ended up exhausted. Emotionally I was accompanied by Sam, pushing me constantly to shoot scenes for action risky. I was able to film some sequences, but he had tremendous confidence in my ability and encouraged me to take the risk. I have never filmed an action movie like this and I’m very proud of having done.

– How would you describe your character, Tyler Rake?

-Is a unique type without fear of living to the limit. So I would describe it. It is a funny character, within a story that is out of the ordinary, because the technology maintains the suspense of the plot. Sam has curdled a story where the action keeps you on the edge of the chair. Shooting this film has been one of the great experiences of my career. We were a big community where everyone came from different countries and shared their stories. A few times I’ve been in a taxi so picturesque and, at the same time, as united. I am grateful for the experience.

– What looks like Tyler Thor?

-No. Thor knows who he is while Tyler is a broken soul. You have nothing to lose and you leave buy as a mercenary in a mission that is totally suicidal. Rake faces moments in which the viewer may think that you are trying to kill it because it has no consideration with his life. Gradually we warn his suffering, his search for redemption, a second chance that is not listed.

-If I have to catalogue ‘Tyler Rake’...

-I would say that it is a film where there is space for the action, the drama, the responsibility, the technology, and also to the interpretation. The cast to the full gave it all with enthusiasm, because the most difficult thing was to produce a film so complex. The style of filming of Sam does not allow you to cut to another angle to hide the error, or use doubles, etc, Meant a lot of time trials and is a process completely exhausting, but it is something that we are more than proud of. After, I felt there was a sense of accomplishment such that we have done something very unique and different. It was, by far, the most physically demanding I’ve ever done.

-The soldiers usually have a ritual before you leave the house. Do you have one for the moments prior to leaving to shoot a movie?

-The truth, I don’t know how the soldiers have the courage to do so. The last week that I had to leave, after being home ten days, I had to tell my daughter that I was going. She was surprised because it seemed to him that he had just arrived, and I broke his heart. Imagine if you are a soldier and you don’t know if you’re going to come, I can not imagine a job more difficult. I have so much respect for the bravery of the soldiers who are risking their lives.

– Do you think that not being an american gave him a different perspective to interpret this role?

-Perhaps, yes. What is certain is that when you’re in front of a movie, you are consuming all your energy on the character and does it cost to get a perspective away from the situation. He doesn’t say much of me, but it is true that each one is the product of the environment of which it forms a part.

– Why is it so difficult for you to learn Spanish?

-No, it is not (makes a grimace). I know a little bit, although I admit that, at this point, you should speak more and better Spanish. I spend my life trying to remember the dialogues in my films and you have to learn a new language is too much for my brain. What I am going to burn.

– What has been assimilated to the Spanish culture?

-It is very similar to the australian. You like to go out, spend time with family on table tops, have fun, spend time socializing. and we are also as well. There is a common thread in both cultures. You like to be awake till late, to us as well. I think that’s why we get along well. We live in Byron Bay in Australia, there are many residents of Spanish origin and, believe me, there are more and more. Every time I do a home party ended up listening to the “taca taca taca” of the speaking of Spanish and feel that I am in Madrid. You are in all sites.