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As a mom loving and proud of being so, Camila Sodi took advantage of the Mothers Day to share a series of unpublished photographs of your beautiful stage as a mom, also told a little bit about your experience.

Camila Sodi

Through its account of Instagram, the actress of “Ruby” thanked him for their children Fiona and Jerome, whom she had with actor Diego Luna, for teaching her to be better each and every day, in addition, Camila Sodi showed in some images the process of her pregnancy and breast-feeding during the first few days.

“Thank you my children for having expanded my heart, for you are my teachers so that every day you want me to be a better person. Is the journey more wonderful and frightening than this earth,” wrote Camila Sodi. Also read: Camila Sodi and her daughter, 9 years old, have coronavirus

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The actress of 33-year-old described what it is to have some living things inside your body, nourish them and care for them, for when they get out into the world, take a little bit of sleep, because being a mom is life-changing.

“First you give your entire body to inhabit, the sustenance and become a human in there, after you arrive in the world and there are tears of love, of joy, of confusion, of lack of sleep, and milk, lots of milk,” continued the mexican actress.

Camila Sodi

“It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to teach my version of this life, could teach the earth that we inhabit and walk through it together. That there be a conscious human, and full of love to share. Thanks for to transform myself because finally you gave me my suuperpoder, the power of love without limits or conditions, to love, to love, to love, that you can never love too much,” concluded Camila Sodi.

Some of the fans of the actress of “Luis Miguel, the series” were surprised, because assured did not know that Camila was already a mom.

Camila Sodi and children