Daughter of Daddy Yankee congratulates his mother, Mireddys in its day I Seem to be sisters!


Although it is a festival different, the intention is what counts. Jesaaelys, the famous daughter of Daddy Yankee, wished him a happy mother’s day to your progetinora, Mireddys. The photos shocked the followers of the family of the reggaetonero. It does not seem to be mother and daughter!

Attentive to the current context, many families are separated but without a doubt, the Internet and the myriad tools that provide the social networks made possible by social ties at a distance.

Today is celebrated the Mother’s day in several countries of the world, as the united States and Canada. Its origins date back to may 1905, when Anna Jarvisrecognized as the founder of this feast, he wanted to pay a tribute to his mother. So it was that, in 1914, the former president of the united States, Woodrow Wilsonsigned a bill to recognize Mother’s Day Jarvis as a national holiday.

Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother’s Day.

A number of celebrities used their official accounts on the web to upload photos, videos and beautiful messages about this date and how well deserved they have the congratulations of their moms.

An example was the daughter of the reggaetonero Daddy Yankee, Jesaeelys Ayala González. Through instagram, he posted a series of photos with his mother Mireddys Gonzalez, which shocked the followers of the expert in make-up. I seem to be sisters!

As well as Daddy Yankee seems to have the elixir of eternal youth, his wife Mireddys, with whom he lives together for many years, apparently also possesses that vitality which makes it seem like the sister of his daughter Jesaaelys. It’s crazy!

Mireddys González and singer Daddy Yankee.