Demi Lovato confirmed her romance with Max Ehrich through a video. It so was!!! –


With the new theme of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande playing in the background, the singer posted a romantic clip.

Demi Lovato and the actor Max Ehrich finally blanched their relationship by dancing and kissing under a starry sky with the rhythm of “Stuck With You”.

Demi Lovato found the way of publicizing his relationship with the actor, in a way very romantic and also caring.

What did attending the video “Stuck with you” Justin Biebier and Ariana Grande. The clip that hits the network aims to raise funds to professionals affected by the coronavirus.

In the video you can see several different artists with their partners, showing how they are passing this quarantine, including those that appear in Demi and Max, dancing and giving each other a tender kiss.

Then shared a little more of them in the video on their social networks, and so it was that they found a way to make public their relationship.

“Happy to be a part of something so special at this time. Like really REALLY happy, for if they did not realize….#Stuckwithyou”wrote the artist along with the video,

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In less than 24 hours the video had already reached over 5 million views.

Demi is finding again the peace he so badly needed, then spend a few moments really bad.