Demi Lovato reveals new romance in video I Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber! (VIDEO)


It is Stuck with U, the song that launched Friday morning of Ariana Grande with Justin Bieber, the duet who performed two of the stars of pop’s biggest moment comes in the midst of the pandemic by coronavirus.

In the video that recently premiered, and star Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber with the purpose of raising funds to tackle the crisis by Covid-19, it was discovered the situation sentimental of Demi Lovato, who had been lamenting his singleness.

This music video which premiered on Thursday night presents a great number of people, famous and not, like Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, as well as the celebrity Kylie Jenner. But, in a part of the audiovisual material, you see Demi Lovato run to the arms of Max Ehrich, a 27-year-old, who received a kiss on the mouth well planted.

The very possible boyfriend of Demi is a singer, actor and dancer, and even though they had already been seen on some occasions this is the first time that we see dancing together and giving each other a big kiss, in a scene full of stars, in front of all those who appear in the video.

We also see Ariana Grande with her dog, Justin Bieber enamoradísimo Hailey Bieber and Ashton Kutcher with Mila Kunis.