dies the co-creator of the saga of ‘Chucky, the doll diabolical’


The screenwriter and american director, John Lafiaknown for work in the saga
Chucky, the doll diabolical
, has died in his Los Angeles home, according to have informed his family and authorities of the town this past Sunday. All indications are that he took his own life on the 29th of April.

John Lafia had an important job to the films of the doll most feared of the popular culture, as with the other filmmakers Tom Holland and Don Mancini, developed the script and direction of deliveries Chucky 1988 and
Chucky 2

He co-wrote the script for the first film of Chucky, and he directed the second

“We are devastated to hear of the passing of our friend John Lafia. It was a crucial part of the family Chucky from the very beginning. He co-wrote the original script Child’s Play along with the director Tom Holland and I, and John went Child’s Play 2the favorite movie among the fans of Chucky,” said Mancini via Facebook.

It is an icon of horror... and comedy.

It is an icon of horror… and comedy.

Also, your partner is ordered to pay a small tribute on the social network, with some titles where he participated and he added: “John was an artist incredibly generous. Let Me accompany you to each meeting and follow it in the set and taught me more about the film during the production of this movie, which several semesters in school. John was also one of the most curious and creative I’ve ever known, someone who always took the pictures and wrote down ideas.”

Other productions for which he worked the californian, who was 63 years old at the time of his death were Babylon 5, The Dead Zone, Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, The Blue Iguana, Man’s Best Friend and the video game Corpse Killer Digital Pictures/Sega.

John leaves two children, Tess and Kane, which had with the illustrator Beverly Hong. Another of his passions was music, he played mainly for the underground scene of the 1980s, and in 2019 released a double album compilation which he named John Lafia 1980-1985.