Do you know the details of the luxurious engagement ring Emma Stone?


The actress and her future husband are a dream couple, look how spoiled she is

Emma Stone and Dave McCary committed to the end of 2019in a world that I didn’t know the coronavirus and without thinking that all would head for months after. The news came to her fans as an amazing way to end the year as the actress looked extremely happy in the photo that he shared through his account of Instagram.

And while we don’t have many details of how it will be the link of marriage, we do know how is the expensive engagement ring she received part of her fiance. It is a special piece of jewelry asian.

The model that Stone takes on her finger is designed by the firm of Tokyo Kataoka, its special appeal is in the pearl of the center, which replaces the traditional diamonds that have been seen in other actresses. However these are not absent, as around the pearl of 8mm are small pieces of diamonds put on a band of 18k gold.

If you would like to purchase it you can do it through the official website at a cost of $4 780 us dollars. There you may also find other aspects of the same models which include different types of jewelry that decorate the pearl.

Currently does not have a confirmed date for your wedding, probably by the situation of the coronavirus has made it more difficult to choose one, remember that even several celebrities had to postpone your plans of marriage because of this. However, many already want to know the details of this.

So far, we know that they planned to get married in Los Angeles in the month of march, however this has had to be postponed. With the new conditions and security measures should be expected to the guest list is reduced. We will have to wait to know the details with the time.