Drake shares tender photo with his mother to commemorate his day


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Drake was launched to Instagram this may 10, in honor of Mother’s Day, to share a sweet photo of himself when he was a small child. “Happy Mother’s Day to all the large women who are doing the hardest job in the green land of the gods“, subtituló the image, which showed a Drake baby embraced by its mother, Sandi Graham.

In the photo, the singer wore a red jacket with gray pants and a small afro. His mother looked stunning, while giving him a strong hug to his little son. Fans were quick to leave emojis of hearts in the comments section of the photo. Another woman in the life of Drake that celebrates the special date is Sophie Brussaux, the mother of his son Adonis of two years.

The native of Canada published photos of her son for the first time in your page of Instagram on the 30th of march, and was opened recently about that decision. “I posted those photos. It was great for me. It was great to share that with the world, and I felt that… it was not even anything that I talked with anyone or what I planned,” he said in the episode two of the program talkback Lil Wayne.

“I woke up one morning and thought, ‘you know what? This is something that I want to do,” continued Drake. “I want to be able to go to places with my son and sharing memories with my son. I don’t want to feel alone for a life-choice that I made to be a ‘celebrity’ that I have to do that all live under this blanket. Then, I just wanted to get rid of that.” Drake also admitted how much the singer of “Lollipop” what has inspired you to be a better parent.

The news that Drake had a son emerged for the first time in may, 2018 when Pusha T released the song “The Story of Adidon”, and said the news to the public, without the consent of the rapper. At this point, the baby was seven months old. Weeks later, Drake confirmed the news on his own album. “I wasn’t hiding my child from the world, was hiding from the world to my son,” he said.