Emilia Clarke reveals her secret to disguise the effects of fatigue

Emilia Clarke has confessed to tell which is his new favorite and indispensable beauty for a ‘good face’ at the moment. And is that from the phenomenon Game of Thrones it has become one of the actresses most admired for its naturalness and style. The actress of 33 years, who has just become the first global ambassador of the brand Cliniquerevealed that have a product of choice with the hydrates and evens out skin tone, filling it with light, what is it?

Emilia Clarke hair with waves©GettyImages
Emilia Clarke becomes the first global ambassador of Clinique

In an interview for Vogue, Emilia revealed: “Clean and hydrate my skin twice a day… added to my new obsession, the BB Gel Clinique”. To be more specific, it refers to the Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB-Gel ($54), whose formula provides a moisturizing, oil-free and seeks to improve the natural tone of the skin with results of up to 8 hours of battery life. In addition to sharing this –not-so– secret, has let know to their fans other simple beauty tips you’ll love:

Thehydrating gel is ideal for those who need to put on makeup on the go: “Brings a touch of color, nutrition and let the skin breathe at all times.” In addition, it recommends after using the product, comb the eyebrows and put a touch of mascara to the lashes to create a look really natural that you can wear on a daily basis.

As to the manner of applying it, is quite an expert: “It’s like a moisturizer but with color pigments. The esparces on your face and you don’t need anything more, maybe a little bit of concealer. It is lighter than a tinted moisturiser – Literally, awesome!”.