Eminem, Halsey and Mac Miller surprised with new albums this Friday


Eminem got into the skin of Alfred Hitchcock, one of the filmmakers most influential of the story and brought out a surprise ‘Music To Be Murdered By’, the project that happens in the controversial ‘Kamikaze’.

Like his previous project where his beef with Machine Gun Kelly was what most caught the attention in this new work the controversy is in reference to the attack on a concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester and a sample to Spinetta in one of his songs.


A few have even been able to overcome the departure of Mac Miller in 2018, and this Friday he released his first album, a posthumous work entitled ‘Circles’, which contains 12 pieces that can be listened to in 48 minutes.

After his last great release was ‘Swimming’, the rapper died of overdose delivery this project with an approach that generates in the listener a lot of nostalgi a and melancholy.



Halsey stepped out of their comfort zone to explore itself. With ‘Manic’, his third studio album leaves from side to Halsey and focuses more on Ashley -his real name – to make an exercise of introspection.

“It feels like a look behind the curtain, somehow. A curtain that I never wanted to put but that is there because I was young and scared. I did not know who he was, and it was irresponsible to tell the world ‘This is who I am!’ I’m going to be 25 years old soon and it’s terrifying because I still feel as if I have 19 years”, expressed the artist before launch.


These are the releases more important in the music industry for this weekend, there is no doubt of where you choose to spend a good time this Friday.