Enrique Iglesias recalled the moments that he had at the side of this woman I is Not your wife!

The Spanish surprised them with a video taken out of the trunk of the memories.

Last month, the Spanish singer recognized Enrique Iglesias left his fans shocked after a memory come to light years after. This is a video where he looks very euphoric with its fanatic in the middle of the crowd.

For years Henry has worked hard in the musical environment, especially at the beginning of his career, when was the boom of the moment his fame. Of course, this beautiful man since its inception has fallen in love with all your public and this is due to his charisma on the stage.

Many are women who have as crush on Enrique Iglesias, as happened in the following video, where you will see an incredible excitement to the woman when the interpreter “Where you are heart” we approached her to sing a good time and I Even kissed it, caressed and embraced it!

The rest of their fans could not contain the laughter after seeing the memories that he shared the Spanish language in its official account of Instagram, then, is the face of the blonde in the video was epic. The video quickly viralizó on the Internet and reached the 2 million views.

In these moments of being at home safe, to Churches he has been seen on several occasions having fun with his children and wife, it seems you needed a few days to take a break after so much work.