Expose the cruel betrayal of the Jonas Brothers to Demi Lovato


The ways of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers teamed up in 2008 when both artists shared the protagonist of the film, Disney’s musical, ‘Camp Rock’, which created a strong bond of friendly that prevailed for more than ten years, however; after so much time of friendship, the artists decided to cut roads, leaving with the great unknown about what might have happened between these to reach the degree of already not become to speak even when they used to be called ‘best friends’.

And is that, in the last few days it has become viral is a post in a blog called ‘ExposingSMG’ where explain in detail what it was that really happened between these celebrities to end your friendly relationship. According to what expressed in the above mentioned site, the separation is given by a betrayal on the part of the Jonas Brothers to Demi.

So it was like the Jonas Brothers betrayed Demi Lovato

The Jonas Brothers were commissioned to promote the career of Demi Lovato, up to the degree in which the artist came to be an international starhowever, the roles were changed with the arrival of Justin Bieber and One Direction to the music scene, as the JoBros they stopped having the impact with which they started and Demi was consolidated as one of the most powerful women in the pop, reason for which they came to her to return the favor.

And so it was, because even when they were separated, Demi joined her tour Nick Jonas to boost her solo career and later joined them DNCE, the band that created Joe Jonas to break up the Jonas Brothers; this is how Nick and Joe returned to position themselves within the music industry. It is worth mentioning that at that time, Lovato maintained a relationship with Wilmer Valderrama; who submitted to the brethren and even went on vacation together.

However, the relationship between Wilmer and Demi was not the most healthy, because it was a victim of psychological abuse, and deceit; furthermore, it is said that it was the actor who introduced it to the world of drugs. And even though many did not know of this, it seems that both Nick like Joe, they were both, and even so it continued to haunt Wilmer once the relationship between the interpreter ‘Skyscraper’ and the actor ‘That 70s show’ ended.

The left during his overdose

However, according to what is mentioned in the blog, to Demi at that time he did not care for the friendship that emerged between your ex and his friends; however, everything changed after the overdose of 2018 that nearly cost him his life; for they never showed concern for her, in fact, Nick Jonas joined in matrimonial bonds with Priyanka Chopra during the time that the interpreter was in rehabilitation.

Once that Demi Lovato left rehab, images of Wilmer Valderrama in the company of her new partner began to circulate on the internet, but they were not alone, they were accompanied by the Jonas Brothers, who were with their respective partners (Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra). It was so as they gave back to her friend and left after 10 years of friendship.