Famous held this may 10, with PHOTOS of their moms


Without a doubt, the May 10, it is one of the most important dates for the mexican families, since mothers are the cornerstone of the homes, as they are integral to the functioning of the same due to their determination and advice.

This 2020 has experienced a celebration very different due to the quarantine by Covid-19 in Mexico, for what health authorities have asked mexicans to stay home and not go to the home of their mothers for not them from getting sick with the virus.

Suggest that the greeting is done by means of different digital forms such as Facebook, zoom, or by means of calls.

For this reason thousands of mexicans by means of their social networks have shared photos with their moms to celebrate the Day of the Mothers.

This exercise was carried out by a number of celebrities, both mexican and foreign, for this reason we will share your congratulations.

Eugenio Derbez

Andrea Legarreta

Erika Buenfil

Robert Downey Jr

Chris Evans

León Larregui

Jennifer Lopez

J Balvin


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