For Anna Kendrick film the Twilight saga was a nightmare


Anna Kendrick confesses Source: File

The popular actress has just published an autobiography that reveals secrets of Hollywood, for what would kill him by Zac Efron, and the hardships of filming of the movies of vampires

A few days after the

premiere of Trolls,

where you put the voice to the female protagonist,

Anna Kendrick

launched a book in which he tells how he was growing up in the scenarios and in the that makes no concessions to the time to shoot down some myths of the industry, have never got along very well with Kristen Stewart and reveal its secret so as not to suffer for love.

Although it only has 31 years old, Kendrick has already lived enough in the public light as to tell some of the secrets to juicy of his fellow cast and the shooting of the films in which participated, in particular of the saga


. “Let’s put it this way: the atmosphere cold and wet is not ideal for making friends. Imaginá a new job in his four weeks of duration were outdoors under a rain of ice and without the proper clothing… the weather affects all of us, makes no distinctions,” he said, making references to the days in the winter of Oregon, united States.

The same Kendrick recognizes that, despite having been in all four films of the saga, didn’t leave a great impression on the audience. His role was that of Jessica Stanley, the best friend of the protagonist: “Perhaps those who are reading this book to say ‘you Expect! What she was in


?’ … Of course I was! I was the friend, cynical and strange that comments made about boys, suntans, and the gossip of the school… all a charm”.

In addition to reporting that did not have the clothing necessary to guard against the weather, he also let slip that his colleagues were not very friendly. “Kellan Lutz you can get to be a boy very sweet, but in those days I would have choked if he had had sufficient energy. And
Kristen Stewart

it is one of the actresses most committed I have worked with in my life, but despite their brave effort to be friendly with me, I insisted a lot on it”, he wrote.

“The good that I experience is that none of the directors with whom I worked saw any film of


, so that it did not affect my work. But the check he received for each film was what kept me the whole year,” be honest.

The candidate to the Oscar as supporting actress for her role in

Love without scales

with George Clooney also knows what it is to deal with leading men like Ben Affleck and Orlando Bloom. And, according to his words, can not resistírseles. “Working with
Zac Efron

made me understand how to work the sects and cults like that of Charlie Manson… we all fell in love with him! It is good that I didn’t order never to kill someone, is so charismatic that I think I would.”

Kendrick began working at the age of 12 in nothing less than Broadway, in the role of Dinah in the musical

High Society

, a role for which he was nominated for a Tony award, becoming one of the youngest people to compete for this award. However, in his book, he recalls with bitterness those days, which was far away from his family and charged 250 dollars a week.

The brunette found the toebox of your shoes with the leading role in

Perfect notes

, the series of comedies about a university choir which will take one-third in 2017. Also saw her sing in the version for the big screen

In the Forest

in the past year.

The autobiography is called

Scrappy Little Nobody

something like “Poor Little Nobody”, and also to talk about issues more intimate. For example, he revealed that he found the secret to not suffer for love: “they Left I liked the men that I did not like them. In fact, they stopped I liked men who were bad people, directly.”

Everything is counting on the humorous that can get out in some interviews and on his popular Twitter account, where it is followed by almost 6 million followers, celebrating their occurrences well away from the conduct of a diva. The same thing happens in Instagram: