Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t want to talk about the series Marvel hawkeye


Hailee Steinfeld doesn't want to talk about the series Marvel hawkeye

Theoretically Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop in the series Marvel’s Hawkeye (Hawk-Eye), but that long ago that we know nothing of the project.

According to reports, Hailee Steinfeld is still the best option for playing Kate Bishop in the upcoming series from Marvel, where he allegedly would take the legacy of Hawk-Eye. But his commitments with Dickinson Apple TV is apparently still a problem.

Even so, by now there are few details about this series of Marvel, but it is clear that if the film studio wants to Hailee Steinfeld for the role, will make it work. The star of Bumblebee seems to fit perfectly with the new Hawk-Eye the Movie Universe, so it is difficult to imagine another actress in the program of the platform Disney +.

During a recent interview, he was asked to Hailee Steinfeld about his involvement in the series of Hawk-Eye, and chose your words with care… in Addition to used what some might argue is an excuse rather strange.

“You know, right now, I will tell you that the music is where is my head”replied the actress Hailee Steinfeld, dodging entirely the question. “That I’m focused… that is what is occupying my brain at this moment”. This is an effective way of not confirming or denying his participation. So that we can begin to doubt whether the agreement was reached to close.

The study of cinema has to fight against the pandemic.

They had scheduled several movies and series from Disney + that have been shut down because of the global pandemic caused by a Coronavirus. So we are looking forward to that all pass and continue with the filming of WandaVision, Loki and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In addition we hope soon to give us good news and to confirm the series of Hawk-Eye with the actress Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop.