Halle Berry lived in a hell together with your ex and reveal documents that prove it


The documents were kept secret since 2011, we do not know by that circumstance.

The couple lived in quite a few episodes of violence in the 5 years they shared under the same roof, and that is thanks to the filtration of a series of documents able to know all that happened in that time.

These documents have been published by Radar Online, revealing the terrible episodes that he lived in Halle with her ex Gabriel Aubry for the legal battle that he faced in seeking custody of his daughter.

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Berry was exposed to many experiences such as racism, abuse, and even incest. The actress stated in court that Gabriel used racist expressions with Nahla, the daughter Berry with the model.

Up to the point of not accepting of having a daughter biracial. The actress also explained that her ex-partner was suffering from depression and mental illness, so much so that when they were still a couple he admitted he had a relationship of incest with a family for a long time, confession that affection the life of intimacy of the couple.

Despite everything that he presented Halle to the court is not able to obtain custody of her daughter Nahla, since all the information that I offer was rejected and had to pay to his ex-partner 14 thousand euros per month for the support and 275 thousand euro for the costs of legal representation.