Halle Berry proved he is still a goddess to his 53 years, and is made of steel!


It is common to see that the actors are physical changes very radical, and more that fit the characters of their upcoming movies. This is the case of Halle Berry, who at 53 years, he did not hesitate to demonstrate that it still has an impact figure, and some abs of steel. It turns out that the filmmaker posted a photo to Instagram that left admired more than one.

If it is true, each
actor and depending on the script, you must undergo strict training; for
there is the case of those who have to increase 20 pounds in a couple of weeks or in your
default water them down to be able to interpret a protagonist’s role. However, the
a winner of a Prize Oscar of the Academy also shared with his more than 5
million followers a message motivator as he prepares for the filming
of the film “Bruised”.

“Thank you to all the people that I have full of love from my injury. It is normal for the course when you do your own stunts, and would not have it any other way. I just know that I’m far from being tired. I am fully awake and I’m just starting!”, so marked Berry his soon return to the big screen revolutionizing its legion of fans.

It is worth to note that the new
project of the native of Ohio has the role of being the director and actress
the protagonist of “Bruised”. The plot of the film narrates how he spent the
life of a fighter in the UFC, recognized league of the martial arts in the
world. On the other hand, the diva is also proposed to meet a challenge: to have a
abdominal well-defined in his 53 years, and he succeeded!

During the training and organization of the film, Berry, also awarded with a Golden Globe, was grateful with your personal coach Mubarak Malik, who has worked with other celebrities like Justin Bieber or Hugh Jackman. On the other hand, expressed that the formula for reaching the goals is to have perseverance, patience, and perseverance. Although, according to herself, she acknowledges that sometimes their expectations are “very high”.