Halsey has its own collection of BTS as any fan


The members of BTS and Halsey maintains a great friendship, the artists, admire their work musical.

Halsey shared it with his millions of fans in your account Instagram some spaces of your home with a series of images the interpreter of ‘Without Me’ said in the description: ‘Slides to view the vibes of a comfortable home’.

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On the shelf that is evident in the images, including paintings, books and a motorcycle helmet are three of the four different versions of the record material of BTS ‘Map Of The Soul:’ Person’.


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‘Map Of The Soul:’ Person’ it was premiered in the April 12, 2019, the song promo of the album was ‘The Boy With Luv’ track where he participated Halsey, the MV official this song has more than 774 million views on the channel Big Hit Labels on YouTube.

The guys BTS and Halsey they share a large friendshipwhere in addition to live multiple times in the scenarioto the idols and to the interpreter the joins the great love that you have the music.

The post of the singer it is located at the point of reaching two million facebook likes and in the box of comments your followers post messages show all of your admiration, love and affection.

To commemorate the May 10,day , a day that is celebrates the Mothers day, we will share the importance and impact that mothers of the 7 members of BTS have in your life and in your successful career.