Hercules: Fans suggest the “cast” ideal ” for the live-action and ask for Tom Holland as protagonist


Disney is backing strong to continue converting its classic animated versions to live-action. Just last year he premiered Dumbo – 47%, Aladdin – 70%, The lion king – 40%, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – 40% on the big screen and lady and The tramp – 67% on Disney Plus. The most recent news suggests that his next film in the look at is Hercules – 60%, letting you know further that the directors of films such as Avengers: Endgame – 95% and Captain America: Civil War – 90% will be the producers. The fans, thrilled with the news, we have to create your “cast” ideal ” at the same time that suggest that Tom Holland could be the Greek hero.

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According to the page Cheat Sheetthe actor of Spider-Man: Far from Home – 82% could not only be the perfect choice to play Hercules, but that also could be among the favorites of the producers. As mentioned in above lines, the brothers Russo will be part of the live-action and could be the key to that Holland become Hercules. After all, they were the ones who chose to be Peter Parker in the Movie Universe of Marvel, and we can notice a pattern at the time of choosing with whom they will work after this as I like to include in your new projects to the people of the MCU.

A proof of the above is that the new Netflix movie, Rescue Mission – 82%, is produced by the Russo and it has Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist. Therefore, the include Holland as the protagonist of the new live-action Disney does not sound so far-fetched. In addition, it is not as that the actor does not have the skills to do this task; after all, sings, dances and acts. And the fans adore him.

Although it is an assumption about a probability very wide, the actor of 23 years not only paints you as a favorite within the production, but that their own fans have been suggested to be part of the cast of Hercules. On Twitter, the user Simmba88 has proposed a “cast” ideal ” to form this new live-action. Holland it is suggested for the teenage version, and melancholy of Hercules in the who still do not finds its place in the world, while the actor of Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery would be the version fortachona of the hero.

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But the suggestion is not only in the main character. For his beloved Meg, this thread of Twitter suggests to Zendaya, also actress of Spider-Man: Back Home – 92%. Another decision that it would not be impossible, as the actress she rose to fame after being on a number of Disney. Sings and dances as we could see in The Great Showman – 54%, and has already formed a romance with Holland on the screen.

On the other hand, as the parents of Hercules, the gods Hera and Zeus are suggested to the mexican actress Salma Hayek and Kurt Russell; as Hades Willem Dafoe, and to accompany him as his faithful and funny minions Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to be Worth it and Panic.

Finally, to the muses, who are in charge of telling the story of Hercules without the feel of a Greek tragedy, the nominees are Kelly Rowland (Empire), Keala Settlewho , along with Zendaya appeared in The Great Showman; Janelle Monáe who recently also worked on the live-action Lady and The Tramp – 89%, Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls – 78%), and the singer Lizzo, who participated alongside Jennifer Lopez in Scammers of Wall Street – 92%.

Where they all agree on is that Danny DeVito should return to his role as Phil What would be your cast ideal for this new live-action that is cooking?

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